Our Technical Expertise

We take projects require technical expertise in rigging, texturing and physical based rendering.

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Our Technical Expertise

We are much more than a studio that produces 3D content - we provide a wide range of technical services, including extremely complex modeling processes. Regardless of these aspects of production, our specialists can easily handle them leaving you with satisfaction.



We give minutre details, a tailored color palette, and the breath-taking realism to your 3D assets.

Metallic textures

Gloss textures

Color and Diffuse textures


3D Scan Cleanup

Get the finest output from your raw 3D scans. Be it human, fashion or product 3D scans.

Human 3D Scan Cleanup for games and metaverse

Clothes & Shoe 3D Scan Cleanup for retail store websites.

Product 3D Scan Cleanup for ecommerce.



We give a comprehensive and accurate skeleton to your characters that will ensure harmonious movement.

Character rigging: add bone structure and joint for natural motion

Vehicle rigging: to give realistic maneuvering to vehicles

Our Texturing Portfolio

Our Rigging Portfolio

Our Business Models



We adhere to your budget. We agree on the full scope, requirements, terms, and specifications before the project begins.



With this flexible model, costs are calculated based on time and materials spent, which allows for changes to the budget and scope of the project over time.



We will provide a complete team (or an expert from our staff) to assist your existing staff on the project. This team stays under your management and can be scaled up/down as needed.

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