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Welcome to the brain of My3dModels

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Gathering information

The journey of the product begins with the research and gathering as much information as possible: fresh faces, photos from different angles, making new classifications, exploring our archives. Our engine using AI & ML and other deep technology algorithms creates a base 3D model from an image on the user facial morphology and human anatomy by using a rich and extensively validated human model database in different poses. As a result, we have such a collage with lots of notes and corrections.

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Sculpting Process

Using 3D Modelling Software

After all the research we are ready to work directly in a 3D modeling software. We sculpt the models in the 3D modeling software along with the UV texturing. The clothes of the model follow after and get assembled with the model. The process takes on average from twenty to thirty hours. We pay our attention to all parts and small items that can be seen on your render: we work out in face details, hairs, organs of the 3D human model, etc.

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Working on texture

Refining textures

The main aim in this process is to reduce the use of textures to an optimal level. Nevertheless, the detailed elaboration always meets the requirements of the client and may include detailed human model, expressions, rigging, and special texturing. We thrive to serve our users and hence make the textures as per our users needs and demands. All these things are discussed beforehand and, if necessary, demand the work of the whole team of experts.

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Final check for our 3Dmodels


The final 3D models go through a rigorous multi-level check by our experienced and exacting Team Lead, who presents to the 3D model a number of professional requirements and checks its correspondence with all up-to-date 3D modeling standards. Each 3D model should correspond to the original, therefore, finding out the least discrepancy, our Team Lead sends the model back for revision.

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Last preparation

Dispatching to our clients

My3DModel's goal is to save your precious time and provide you with the final output of realistic 3D models. Finally the 3D model is sent for rendering and to the pages of our electronic store.

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